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Xs2Ado AdoRecordSet:FieldGet() returns -1 for DbNull 28 Sep 2021 08:42 #19734

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  • Hi,
    I'm using version of Xs2Ado in an XSharp project using the Vulcan dialect. I've noticed that the AdoRecordSet:FieldGet() method returns a -1 (Long) value for DbNull values when the AdoCommand:CommandType is set to adCmdStoredProc. Hopefully my use of DbNull is correct here.
    LOCAL oCommand AS AdoCommand
    LOCAL oRs AS AdoRecordSet
    oCommand := AdoCommand{}
    oCommand:CommandType := adCmdStoredProc
    oRs := oCommand:Execute(NIL, System.Reflection.Missing.Value, NIL)
    uSomeVar := oRs:FIELDGET(#SomeColumn)
    // uSomeVar is -1 (Long) when the column value is a DbNull

    However, this same code returned a NULL (NIL) for Text columns and a 0 for Int columns with DbNull values when using Vulcan.NET.

    Could you please help me understand if this is the expected behaviour in Xs2Ado for the ADORecordSet class?

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